Strengthened medical supervision in case of particular personal situations

When the employee is exposed to certain occupational risks, physical, chemical or biological, the medical supervision has to be strengthened and also when the worker has an individual situation which is particular. Until year2012, at least every 12 months, each employee undergo a medical examination with the occupational physician when he has a strenghtened medical supervision, now the medical examinations may be less common.

Strengthened medical supervision for some issues

According to the French labor code, article R 4624-18, the medical supervision must be strenghtened for :

When there is a strenghtened medical supervision, the pre-recruitment medical examination does take place before the employee starts working for the enterprise and the periodical medical checks takes place every 12 months or every 24 months : the occupational doctor can decide to change the frequency of the medical examinations in line with recommendations for good practices which are available in health at work.

Strenghtened medical supervision is called “Surveillance médicale renforcée” in French

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