Administrative formalities for the employer in case of occupational accident

The formalities of declaration of an occupational accident are made by the employer, according to the French social security code.

Employer’s obligations
Employer may contest occupational accident

An accident at work is a fortuitous event causing bodily harm that is usually easily observable. It is also something that has happened at a specific time and a known place.

Employer’s Obligations

  • The employer must give to the victim of the accident the“work accident” form,
  • then, he must send to the Social security within 48 hours the work accident declaration.
  • The employer has to arrange a reinstatement visit with the occupational physician when worker has stopped to work at least for 30 days.

This medical examination  takes place within one week and ends the suspension of the contract of employment.

This medical examination estimates the capacity or not of the employee to take back its employment and the necessity of an adaptation of the working conditions.

The employer may notify accidents at work, to the social security, on line. This electronic notification is recent.

Employer may contest occupational accident

Indeed, the employer has the right to demonstrate that the victim was engaged, during the accident, in an activity totally foreign to the work.

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