Annual statistics of occupational accidents and occupational diseases in France

The number of occupational accidents remained stable in 2010, but the number of commuting accidents increased as much as the occupational diseases.

In 2010
In 2008

The National Health Insurance Funf for employees ( CNAMTS)  publishes each year statistics about occupational accidents and occupational diseases.


In 2010

The statistics for 2010  

50 000 new cases of occupational  diseases were listed in 2010 : it represents a 2,7 % increase compared with 2 009.This increase had been more than 8 % between 2 008 and 2009. These increases seem connected to a better consideration of the musculoskeletal disorders.

The serious occupational  diseases, which leave health effects and give a permanent partial disability  are also increasing by approximately 1 % compared with year 2009.

More than 98 000 commuting accidents were listed in 2010, that is a 5 % increase compared with 2009. On the other hand, occupational accidents remain stable. The occupational accidents incidence rate remains 36 accidents for 1 000 employees.


In 2008

The occupational accidents incidence rate is an all-time low : 38 accidents  for 1 000 employees.

The number of commuting accidents does not stop increasing since 2004 but the gravity of the accidents falls, there is fewer death.

The number of occupational accident decreased in 2,2 % this year, whereas the number of the commuting accidents by 2,8 % and that of the 3,5 % occupational diseases.


Since 1998, the number of occupational  diseases continues to increase. Musculoskeletal disorders represent 81,2 % of the compensated occupational diseases. The diseases  causedby the asbestos represent 10,1 % of the occupational diseases.

Statistics for 2008

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