Professional redeployment after occupational disease

The victim of an occupational disease has to establish the notification of the occupational disease  and then we must eliminate exposure to this  occupational risk .

The most commonly reported occupational diseases are :

  • Muskuloskeletal disorders (MSD)
  • Diseases caused by abestos
  • Diseases of the lombar rachis

An employer who has established a report of a work-related illness must never be more exposed to the  occupational risk : by example a victim of occupational deafness doesn’t be more exposed to the noise at the workplace.

The occupational physician must propose to the employer other workplaces for the victim ( by example during the work resumption examination) : a professional redeployment should be considered.

Sometimes it is not possible to adapt the workplace :
a dismissal for unfitness is envisaged.

In case of occupational disease ( it is the same for the occupational accident) the severance payments are multiplied by 2.

Since 10 years, more and more occupational diseases are recognised because physicians and employers are more and more aware about the recognition of  some illness as occupational disease.

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