Formalities for the employee in case of occupational accident

The victim of an occupational accident has to notify his work-relating accident according to the French Social Security code (article L. 441-1 )

Formalities for the employee

An accident at work is a fortuitous event causing bodily harm that is usually easily observable. It is also something that has happened at a specific time and a known place.

Formalities for the employee

The victim has to :

  • informe his employer within 24 hours ( place of the accident, witness to the accident, etc),
  • obtain from his employer the “work accident” form ( called in French “formulaire accident du travail”) ,  so that, care are free of charge,
  • consult a practitioner who needs to fill out an initial medical certificate,
  • transmit to his employer the certificate of sick leave, in case of sick leave.

The victim may :

The occupational accident must be declared within 48 hours, but the victim has 2 years to effect that claim.

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