The enterprise has to set up first aid in work situations

In case of serious accident, the  enterprise must call the emergency services system, in France  known as SAMU (Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente), which decides how and where the victim must be transported.

Set up first aid 
Call the emergency team

Set up first aid

  • It is necessary to display the external emergency numbers in the enterprise .
  • For example in France
    SAMU : 15
    Fire brigade ( called POMPIERS in France) : 18
    Unique european number : 112

 15 or  18 can be dialled from fixed or mobile phone.

112 is an emergency unique european phone number .
This number 112 must be used   :

  • by mobile phone users only if the network is saturated, or if the mobile phone is blocked,
  • ando also by foreigners within French territory who do not  know the specific external emergency numbers in France (numbers 15 and 18).


The firm’s manager should guarantee the health and safety of workers by implementing appropriate measures, depending on the risks assessed by him, so that, in the enterprise there are various obligations.

  • It is necessary  to carry out practices to evacuate quickly the buildings so that the workers get used to evacuate very quickly the buildings in case of fire for example .
  • An evacuation plan for the buildings is necessary to.
  • In case of risk of projection of chemical products  : showers and eyewash stations should be provided.
  • The employer must ensure that a lone worker should be rescued in case of accident or discomfort : work is considered as lone if the worker is out of sight and out of reach of the other employees. There is now protective equipment for lone workers.

Call the emergency team

In case of serious accident on the company site, in France we must call  SAMU, centre 15, which  décides :

  • transport mode , fire brigade or private ambulance,
  • place of destination, hospital, etc

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