Simple medical surveillance

The periodic medical examinations  have for objective to make sure of the preservation of the fitness to work, but also to inquire on the medical consequences of the occupational exposures at work.

If the employee is not exposed to  specific occupational hazards ( there ie a restrictive list of occupational hazard and personal situations) , we say it is a simple medical surveillance (in contrast to strengthened medical surveillance).

The definition of the simple medical supervision is given by the French labour code, article  R 4624-16 . Since 1st july  2012,  there is a new organisation for health at work in France, a new decree defines this new organisation (décret 2012-135 du 31 janvier 2012 ).

Every 24 months, each employee undergo a medical examination with the occupational physician.

Since july 2012, if the occupational health service set up talks with a nurse for the employees and annual multidisciplinary actions,  the medical examination with the health doctor may be less common than every 24 months but the physician should take into account the guidelines of good practices in health at work when they exist.

During such medical examinations or talks with a nurse,  tests can be done :

  • urine tests,
  • vision tests,
  • functional exploration of the lungs,
  • hearing tests, etc

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