Prevention of exposures sheet ( specific French document)

When a worker is exposed to hazardous chemical agent, the employer has to establish a Prevention of exposures sheet ( a specific French document called : fiche de prévention des expositions). 

Exposure to hazardous chemical, including fumes and dusts, is considered as an hardship factor, according to the French Labour Code  R. 4412-3 et R. 4412-60 : it is en aggressive physical environment.

The employer must write on this  document, Prevention of exposures sheet (called in French “Fiche de prévention des expositions”) when the exposure has started and which preventive measures have been  taken.

” Prevention” is not a very good term because in fact this  document, called in French “Fiche de prévention des expositions” keeps track of professional exposures to harshness factors but do not really prevent the professional exposures.

A sample sheet is given by the French labor code.
AtouSante proposes a Word template in French for this document   Fiche de prévention des expositions à certains facteurs de risques professionnels

This document must be regularly updated.

There is another specific document for exposure to asbestos at work according to the French labor code Article D. 4121-9  and R. 4412-110.
Additional informations must be written, in case of exposure to asbestos, such as :

  • the characteristics of the used  materials,
  • the nature of the work carried out,
  • periods of exposure,
  • other occupational risks ( chemical, physical or biological),
  • the dates and results of exposure controls at the workstation,
  • accidental exposures,
  • procedures and work methods employed ,
  • collective and individual protective equipment, etc

 Penalties for the French employer who has not done or updated these documents ( prevention of exposure sheet) 

He will have to pay :

  • 1500 euros for a natural person (it would be necessary to multiply by the number of workers concerned).
  • 7 500 euros for a body corporate.

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