Social Welfare for pregnant woman

Pregnant women working may have benefits according to their collective agreement. But in any case, they have a maternity leave, whose duration depends on certain parameters.

Pregnancy declaration 
Maternity leave
Professional activity
Protection against dismissal

 Pregnancy declaration

  • Pregnancy must be declared to the Primary Sickness Insurance Fund (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM))  and to the family allowance fund  before the end of third month of pregnancy 

In France, no legislation requires that the woman informes her employer of her pregnancy but is necessary for example when a work layout must be done.  

Maternity leave

Legal duration of maternity leave is established under the French labour Code,  L. 1225-17

But pregnant worker must read her collective agreement, which  is sometimes more favourable !

Legal duration of maternity leave

  • You have no dependent child or only one dependent child
    Antenatal leave = 6 weeks
    Postnatal leave = 10 weeks
  • You have two at least 2 children
    Antenatal leave= 8 weeks
    Postnatal leave = 18 weeks
  • You are expecting twins
    Antenatal leave = 12 weeks
    Postnatal leave = 22 weeks
  • You are expecting triplet
    Antenatal leave = 24 weeks
    Postnatal leave = 22 weeks

In case of pathology related to pregnancy  : further 14 days  may also be accorded  during antenatal leave, by medical prescription : it is a prenatal leave for sickness

 Professional activity

  • The employment contract is suspended during maternity leave.
  • Certain collective agreements propose a decrease in the number of  hours worked for pregnant womenwithout any loss of wages.
  • When a pregnant woman is exposed to certain occupational risks, a workstation layout is necessary.
  • The medical examinations  during the pregnancy can run up during working time, according to the French Labor code (article L. 1225-16


Breastfeeding is allowed at the workplace and during working time, according to the French Labor code (Article L. 1225-30, Article R4152-13, Article R1225-5)

Protection against dismissal

According to the French Labor code (Article L.1225-5, Article L. 1225-39)

French law prohibits the employer from firing a pregnant worker or during her maternity leave.

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