Respiratory failure recognised as an occupational disease

Some respiratory failures may be recognised as occupational diseases. A granuloma can form in the lungs when a foreign matter  enters in the lungs  : for example when the oil vapours are inhaled. 

The respiratory failure results from a pulmonary granuloma ( medically confirmed) or an hypersensitivity pneumonitis

 All the tables of occupational diseases

Table # 36

  • mineral or synthetic  oils and greases.
  • Time limit compensation claim is 6 months

Table # 66

  • Chronic obstructive respiratory failure from asthma 
  • There is an indicative list of 34 tasks for this lung disease.
  • Time limit compensation claim is 1 year

Table # 70

  • Cobalt and its compounds
    This table concerns  the hard metals.
  • Chronic obstructive respiratory failure from asthma 
  • Time limit compensation claim is  1 year

Table # 82

  • Methyl methacrylate.
  • Time limit compensation claim is  1 year.

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