Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, recognised as an occupational disease

The chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases,COPD, combine chronic symptoms ( cough, dyspnea, , bronchial hyper secretion)  and  a bronchial obstruction. It will result in chronic respiratory failure. Some of them may be recognised as occupational diseases.

COPD : chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Table # 91, by coal miner, Table # 94,by iron miner

  • The COPD combines chronic symptoms ( cough, dyspnea, bronchial hyper secretion)
    and  a bronchial obstruction,
    with an expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) decreased by at least  30% compared with the average theoretical value , the  day when the occupational illness is declared.
    Such a decrease should be seen apart from acute episode.
  • Time limit compensation claim : 10 years
  • Duration of the exposure : 10 years.

Table # 90

  • Inhalation of vegetable textile fibres.
  • Obstructive airway with usually chest tightness when the exposure to risk has stopped since at least 36 hours and it happens again a few hours later following a repeat of the exposition ( byssinosis)
  • Lung function test is necessary to prove that it is really the work which causes the COPD
  • Time limit compensation claim : 7 days.
  • Duration of the exposure : 5 years

Table # 33

  • Beryllium and its compounds.
  • Time limit compensation claim :  30 days
  •  Béryllium is often  used in dental amalgams  therefore the dental technicians are exposed,  and also employees in jewellery .

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