Pleural pathology recognised as an occupational disease

Infectious pleural pathology , benign pleural disease or  malignant pleural lesion can be recognised as  an occupational disease.

All the tables of occupational diseases

Infectious pleural pathology

Table # 24 : brucellosis

  • Pleurisy .
  • Presence of liquid between the two layers of the pleura affects the  ability to breathe well.

Tableau # 30

  • Pathology caused by occupational exposure to asbestos .

Benign pleural diseases  : table #30

Pleural plaques, calcified  or not

  • Pericardial plaques or pleural plaques,
    • unilateral or bilateral,
    • if they have been confirmed  by computed tomography scan .
  • This plaques are very characteristics if they are on diaphragmatic cupolae.
  • The time limit compensation claim : 40 years.

Exudate pleurisy

  • An exudate pleurisy can be compensated even if it is caused by a virus when the victim has been exposed to asbestos at work.
  • The time limit compensation claim 35 years.
  • Duration of the exposure : 5 years.

Visceral pleura becomes thicker 

The asbestos fibre reachs the pleura

  • thickening : diffuse or localised
  •  these lesions must  beconfirmed  by computed tomography scan

Malignant pleural lesions : table #30

  • Primitive malignant mesothelioma of  the pleura, the peritonium and the pericardium.
  • The mesothelioma must be authenticated  by a  group of experts.
  • The time limit compensation claim : 40years

Other primitive malignant tumours   : table #30

  • The time limit compensation claim : 40 years.
  • Duration of the exposure 5 years.

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