Pulmonary oedema recognised as an occupational disease

Pulmonary oedema is a reaction of the lower respiratory tract i.e.  alveoli in the lungs :  bronchial hyper secretion  happens to the contact with an irritant : ” it is a flood in the alveoli to extinguish the fire causeb by the inhaled product ” . Some plumonary oedema may be recognised as occupational disease. 

All the tables of occupational diseases

Pulmonary oedema 

Table # 14

  • Respiratory diseases resulting from nitro-derivatives phenol , pentachlorophenol (PCP) and  halogenated derivatives benzonitrile
  • Time limit compensation claim :  3 days,
    it is the shortest time delay in all tables of occupational disease.
  • This complication is compensated ( multi-organ failure) :
    “Acute intoxication with hyperthermia, pulmonary oedema, eventually with impaired renal or hepatic function, myocardial damage”.

Table # 75

  • Selenium and its mineral derivatives Exposure 
  • Time limit compensation claim : 5 days

Acute pulmonary oedema , acute obstructve pulmonary disease

Table # 32

  • Fluorine, hydrofluoric acid and its mineral salts 
  • Time limit compensation claim : 5 days

Bronchial alveolar oedema

Table # 34

  • Phosphates, pyrophosphates, thiophosphates  and other  anti-cholinesterase organophosphates (OPs) , phosphoramides and   hétérocyclic anti-cholinesterase carbamates .
  • Time limit compensation claim  : 3 days

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