Pulmonary emphysema recognised as an occupational disease

The emphysema is a chronic illness  : the lung is distended, it loses its elasticity because of alveoli retention.  For some professionnal exposures, pulmonary emphysema might be recognised as occupational disease.

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Table # 44

  • Inorganic dusts or fumes containing iron or iron oxides  particles.
  • The emphysema can be associated with a siderosis.
  • Time limit compensation claim is  : 35 years.
  • Duration of the exposure : 10 years.

Table# 44 BIS

  • Work in the iron mines.
  • To be recognised as occupational disease signs must be seen from the scan, spirometry must reflect bronchial obtsruction  and anatomopathological signs are necessary : iron particles in samples of lung to show that emphysema is real.
  • Time limit compensation claim is : 15 years.
  • Duration of the exposure : 10 years.

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