Pulmonary fibrosis recognised as an occupational disease

Fibrosis is always a scar resulting from aggression and  it progresses then to a respiratory failure.

All the tables of occupational diseases

To be recognised as occupational disease, pulmonary fibrosis must be a diffuse pulmonary fibrosis  with radiographic evidence , functional disorders  and weight loss, fatigue. Fibrosis must be confirmed by spirometry

Table # 30

  • Asbestosis :
    Consequence of asbestos dust inhalation.
    Then it progresses to a respiratoty failure

Table # 47

  • Wood dusts
  • Time limit compensation claim is  : 1 year

Table # 66 BIS

  • Time limit compensation claim is  : 15years.
  • Limitative list of tasks

Table # 70 BIS

  • Hard metal components : second cause of fibrosis recognised as occupational disease.
  • Dusts from sintered metals or fused containing   cobalt.
  • Time limit compensation claim is : 20 years.

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