Packaging and labelling : pictograms

Since 2009,  within the context of REACH, the CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) has introduced throughout the EU a new system for classifying and labeling chemicals. In 2015, the existing registration will be  lifted, however, actually, whe have at the same time pictograms from CLP and pictograms from the existing registration.

CLP, SGH  regulations : new pictograms 
Existing registration ( till 2015) : pictograms

CLP is derived from the  GHS system  ( System general harmonized)  : GHS system will become the only internationally system in the world.

 CLP, SGH  regulations : new pictograms

CLP is compulsory for chemical substances since 2010  and for mixtures in 2015.


SGH 01 : explosive



SGH 02 : flammable

SGH 02 facilement inflammable, extrêmement inflammable

SGH 03 : oxidising



SGH 04 : gas under pressure



  SGH 05 : corrosive


SGH 06 : acute toxicity


SGH 07 : health hazard


 SGH 08 : serious health hazard


SGH 09 : hazardous for the environment



Existing registration ( till 2015) : pictograms
Pictogrammes des produits chimiques

Explosif means explosive

Comburant means oxidising

Inflammable means flammable

Toxique means toxic

Dangereux pour l’environnement means hazardous for the environment

Nocif means harmful

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