Emergency kit in the enterprise

The occupational physician decides what should be present in the enterprise’s ermergency kit according to the occupational risks observed within the company. He must also specify details on how people have to utilize the material. The employees must be aware of location of the emrgency kit at the premises of the company.

First Aid equipment : French Labour Code
Indicative content of medicine chests

First Aid equipment : French Labour Code

The French Labour Code imposes : first-aid equipment is a requirement in all working places, it must be easily accessible ( according to article  R. 4224-14 and R. 4224-23) 

This first aid equipment needs to be appropriately to the nature of occupational hazards specific to the company.

The labour doctor decides what should be present in the emergency kit and retailes in writing how people have to utilize the material.

Indicative content of medicine chests

Any medication is banned in an enterprise’s medicine chest

Minor medical equipment

  • One pair of scissors
  • One oil-type survival blanket
  • One pair of tweezers
  • Single-use rubber gloves
  • Severed body part recovery set
  • Airtight bags to retrieve halthcare wastes.


  • Sterile compresses in individual packs
  • Hypoallergenic individual dressings 
  • Bandages
  • Hypoallergenic tape
  • Compression dressings for collapses
  • Steri-strips for replacement of skin sutures for small sores


  • Non colored and non alcoholic antiseptic. Colored antiseptics are banned because the pigment might mask progression toward more serious damage
  • Ointment for skin in cases of bruisings, injuries, sprains
  • Eye drops in disposable sachets : an eye drops cannot be used in case of eye’s laceration, the victim has to refer very quickly to an ophthalmologist
  • Haemostatic compresses
  • Lumps of sugar, in case of hypoglycemic reaction

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