Eczema recognised as occupational diseases

Some professions are specifically at risk of catching  eczema : for example hairdressers, construction workers, wood workers, cleaning staff, healthcare workers, employees in the food retail, farmers,  florists, des fleuristes, gardeners, etc

These following tables compensate eczema work-related.

You can read the list of the French tables of occupational diseases and you can upload the tables in French.

Eczema caused by allergy

  • Table # 65 Eczematous dermatitis caused by allergy


Exposure to ciment

  • Table #8 Occupational diseases caused by cements


EExposure to chromic acid, chromates, alkaline earth bichromate, zinc chromate and chromium sulfate

  • Table # 10 Ulcerations and dermatitis caused by chromic acid, chromates, alkaline earth bichromate, zinc chromate and chromium sulfate


Exposure to  liquid and organic solvents

  • Table # 84 Occupational diseases caused by liquid and organic solvents


Exposure to latex protein or natural rubber

  • Table # 95 Occupational diseases caused by allergic mechanism by latex protein or natural rubber


Exposure to aromatic amines their salts and derivatives

  • Table #15 BIS Allergies caused   by aromatic amines their salts and derivatives


Exposure to epoxy resins and their constituents

  • Table # 51 Occupational diseases caused by epoxy resins and their constituents


Exposure to mineral or synthetic oils & greases

  • Table # 36  Occupational diseases caused by mineral or synthetic oils & greases


Exposure to nickel salts and oxides

  • Table # 37 Professional skin diseases caused by nickel salts and oxides


Exposure to mercury and its compounds

  • Table # 2 Occupational diseases caused by mercury and its compounds


Exposure to phosphorus and phosphorus sesquisulphide

  • Table # 5 Occupational diseases caused by contact with phosphorus and phosphorus sesquisulphide


Exposure to aliphatic halogenated hydrocarbons

  • Table # 12 Occupational diseases caused by aliphatic halogenated hydrocarbons


Exposure to nitro-derivatives of benzene hydrocarbons

  • Table # 13 Occupational poisonings caused by  nitro-derivatives of benzene hydrocarbons


Exposure to tars and oils

  • Table # 16 Diseases of skin or mucosa caused by tars and oils


Exposure to aminoglycosides : streptomycin, neomycin and their salts

  • Table # 31 Occupational diseases caused by aminoglycosides : streptomycin, neomycin and their salts


Exposure to beryllium and its compounds

  • Table # 33 Occupational diseases caused by beryllium and its compounds


Exposure to chlorpromazine

  • Table # 38 Occupational diseases caused by chlorpromazine


Exposure to beta-lactam antibiotics (penicillins and their salts) and the cephalosporins

  • Table # 41 Occupational diseases caused by beta-lactam antibiotics (penicillins and their salts) and the cephalosporins


Exposure to formaldehyde and its polymers

  • Table # 43 Occupational diseases caused by formaldehyde and its polymers


Exposure to  wood dusts

  • Table # 47 Occupational diseases caused by wood dusts


Exposure to aliphatic amines , alicyclics or ethanolamines

  • Table # 49 Skin diseases caused by aliphatic amines , alicyclics or ethanolamines


Exposure to phenylhydrazine

  • Table # 50 Occupational diseases caused by phenylhydrazine


Exposure to  organic isocyanates

  • Table # 62 Occupational diseases caused by organic isocyanates


Exposure to  enzymes

  • Table # 63 Occupational diseases caused by the enzymes


Exposure to cobalt and its compounds

  • Table # 70 Occupational diseases caused by cobalt and its compounds


Exposure to antimony and its derivatives

  • Table # 73 Occupational diseases caused by antimony and its derivatives


Exposure to furfural and furfuryl alcohol

  • Table # 74 Occupational diseases caused by furfural and furfuryl alcohol


Exposure to methyl methacrylate

  • Table  # 82 Occupational diseases caused by methyl methacrylate

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